CEO Message

CEO Message

Education enables a person to face new challenges, achieve progresses and lead a successful life. I, therefore, would like to encourage all students to acquire right educational institution.

I appreciate both the parents and the students for having made a right  choice of choosing CIPT. Education at CIPT is neither just about academic brilliance nor a consistent return, but an ambience where culture and human skills meet together. The institute undertook a series of reforming exercises to become what it has become today. We now welcome students to come forward to experience the difference. Keeping abreast of this contemporary world of cut throat competitions, we the CIPT team, aim at creating an inter-disciplinary and a holistic academic environment that enable students to gain knowledge without stress.

I do strongly believe in my spirited staff members’ capacity to build up the college as one among the leading colleges  in the region. I am delighted to welcome all the students to this world of Education and my best wishes for to unlock and realize their potential.


Dr Divya Jyoti
Chankya Foundation Groups of instituions

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